Today I found in my desk drawer a old mouse, Microsoft 2000 model 1416.

So, because of the long time it stayed in there with two alkaline batteries, it’s obvious that the batteries leaked.

I disassembled it completely down, I wanna see if it still work, put is in a…

Samba running at OpenBSD server

First of all, we need to run syspatch to make sure we have the latest patches installed:


After, we are able to install samba:

pkg_add samba

When the installation done we have to edit same lines in smb.conf that is in /etc/samba/, to make it easy, I like to…

Recentemente me deparei com um problema de desempenho em um dos servidores que administro, como era um problema pelo qual eu já havia passado antes, só de olhar já soube que era o MySql que estava deixando a desejar.

Depois de algumas pesquisas do Google e fóruns pela internet a…

Huawei switch, 100giga ports, s6730

Some days ago I needed to change some switchs located in backbone of the internet service provider that I work, this changes comes to increase the capacity of the backbone, but the new switchs were Huawei switchs and the old ones are Datacom switchs and I have to shearch a zabbix tamplate to monitor them. So, in my shearch I found the template in the link below.

This template can work whith a lot of model of switchs and routes, like Huawei S6730 and NE40.

So, If you are in the same situation, this template problabli go worh for you too.

Igor Iglesias

Professional with more than 10 years of experience in network management, working in large networks with multiple vendors and technologies.

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